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    Matt HartFIRST AND MAIN was founded in 2023 by dynamic partners Emilie and Matt Hart with the intent to better serve their local communities by putting their clients at the heart of their company. In fact it is their intent to treat both their clients and their brokers, as they would a family member. After all, family always comes first.

    Matt met Emilie in 2016 and knew right away that he’d met his person. They married in 2018, on Lake Chelan, one of their happy places. Fast forward to today, Emilie and Matt blossomed into a family of six; proud parents to four beautiful children who bring joy and adventure to their lives in ways they could never have imagined. Their family unit has grown as their business has continued to flourish and evolve, in synchronicity.

    Matt forged his career in real estate over twenty years ago, very quickly becoming one of the most successful and influential real estate agents in the Pacific Northwest. Operating from the standpoint that anything is possible, Matt will go to bat for every single one of his clients in order to make their dream become a reality. He offers deep experience across negotiation, marketing and sales. Matt’s super power is fostering meaningful relationships in order to astutely negotiate between buyer and seller. A natural born problem solver, he is communicative, attentive and unnervingly calm under pressure.

    Meanwhile Emilie is the creative force in this partnership. A visionary when it comes to interior design and aesthetic, Emilie brings elevated beauty to any home she touches. Emilie takes enormous pride in creating beautiful marketing collateral and her social media know-how is second to none. She is a charismatic leader, who lights up every room she walks into. Emilie also has a proven track record in converting homes to successful AirBnbs, helping clients make the most of their real estate investments.

    Matt and Emilie attribute much of their success in this business to a shared belief that building meaningful relationships and fostering community is what matters most. They believe that real estate is not a commodity, it’s a community. Both Matt and Emilie are passionate about paying it forward and giving back, while never compromising on quality, or integrity.

    It’s all in the name: F-A-M. FIRST AND MAIN is a metaphor for being central to the beating heart of the communities Emilie, Matt and their brokers represent. Theoretically, the intersection between First Street and Main Street in a city is the town square, where all the magic happens, where people come together, connections are made and experiences are shared. Where people live their best lives. And that is exactly where FIRST AND MAIN aspires to be, right at the heart of its communities.

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